Apr 24, 2013

Funny tests on the Sony's Xperia Z

      We all have seen many tests of the new Sony's smartphone the Xperia Z , Batterie tests performance tests etc ... ,But in the next two videos you will see an other kind of test we call them "The funny tests"

Video n°01 : The Hammer drop test !!

In this video the guy tryed to now what will happend if he drop a BIG hammer on the Xperia Z ! you want to know what happend just watch this video !

Video N°02 : The Xperia Chocolate bar !!

the Girl in this video tryed to make a chocolate bar with her Xperia Z !! Watch this video this is really funny !

Ok hope you enjoy this videos ..

Warning : Do not try the BIG hammer test on your Xperia Z or any other Phone it is restricted  by the phone protection laws lol !

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