Mar 19, 2013

Bypass Any Android Lockscreen Security

This is for informational purposes only. Please do it at your own risk.

This loop is based on the recent findings of Terence Eden. He recently found a security bug in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which enables the user to bypass lockscreen security for less than a second.
Once you bypass the security lockscreen, you can access everything in the phone including apps, contacts, and user data. Only the status bar (excluding notifications) doesn't work.! I am not sure whether this flaw is only for Samsung devices or all JellyBean devices. 
I think this is a major flaw and a big privacy concern for the regular smartphone user. Hopefully Samsung fixes this in the next update!
How to reproduce it :
1. In the lockscreen, press the emergency call button.
2. Press the emergency contacts button in the lowermost left corner.
3. Immediately after the third step, keep pressing the hardware home button.

Upon doing this, your device will be unlocked and you will be able to use it normally without the statusbar pull down. It works only on Jelly Bean and it has confirmed to work on several devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S Advance.

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