Jan 24, 2013

"Horn" review - Best graphics for your tegra 3!

Now we tested the game "Horn" ,which is developed by Phosphor Games Studio and published by Zynga, which you might know from their poker games.
In this game you play a young guy named, you might already know,....Horn! He woke up in a tower one day and then he found out that all living things are big stone creatures now. This is caused by the so-called "Pygon-Curse". The stone creatures are also called pygons. On his way he found his aunt Bell, which was a pygon, too until he had a fight with the pygon. Then his aunt was there and the pygon exploded. His aunt couldn't remember anything about her time as a pygon. The goal of the game is to find the pygon source and to kill it so all the people and animals are as before again. This exciting game has a lot of hours of fun for its price. We think the best mobile game in 2012!

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